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We're Dina and Valerie, and we're both Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches, and Associate Certified Coaches through the International Coaches Federation (ICF), the gold standard in coaching.


In addition, Dina holds an International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate from The Academy of Executive Coaching and Valerie is an ORSC Trained Professional Organization and Relationship Coach. 


Changing jobs takes courage and hard work and it’s easy to feel isolated.

Our workshops and coaching will help you get really clear about where you want go, provide you tools to develop that will enable you to market yourself online and in person, and develop the confidence you need to stick to your action plan.

And the best part is we’re here to encourage and support you along the way.

Here’s what you have to look forward to: happiness, work/life balance, a meaningful and successful career that combines your skills and what you love to do.


Workshop Tasters

Workshop Series

1 - 1



Workshop Tasters


A chance to experience coaching.

​Ever been curious to know how coaching can help you advance towards the career you want?  Planning your next step takes courage and planning, and sometimes a kick in the butt or two.

Our Get Unstuck Virtual Workshops give attendants the launch pad they need to get them out of their comfort zone and move them towards building a future that feels exciting. 

Workshop Series

This program is for people that are really committed to making a change in their lives and stepping into a different reality from the one they are currently in.  

It is our specialty. 

Exercises help uncover your strengths and competencies, get you in touch with what's important, and identify opportunities in the marketplace.


Learn how to market yourself online and in person. We will help you create your "narrative".  Walk away with a stunning bio, resume, and cover letter as well as an eye-catching LinkedIn profile.    

By the end of the program, participants have the tools and confidence they need to approach job opportunities


We have invited an expert in each subject matter to speak and add value to each session.


At the beginning of every call, we will spend a few minutes celebrating successes and allowing people to share any challenges or difficulties they are having.  The Get Unstuck Community becomes your networking and professional support group as well as your accountability partner.

Here's what's in store for the workshop series that lasts 4 weeks:


Leadership talk with Guest Speaker Ghida BarakatLeadership and Business Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, CPCC, ACC, NLP Practitioner

  • Lead yourself

  • Lead your family

  • Lead your team

  • Lead your vision

Building Emotional Intelligence:

  • Self-awareness: building presence by noticing distracting patterns, assumptions, and beliefs

  • Social-awareness: asking for and receiving feedback from trusted mentors

  • Self-management

  • Relationship management: understanding the impact you create on yourself & your team




Finding Your Strengths 

  • What are you good at? Finding your strengths and competencies

  • Discovering your best self: who are you being when you show up as your whole self 


Building Your Resilience

  • Overcoming fear and failure

  • Turning challenges into opportunities

  • Building your tribe: what are the relationships that you need 


Q&A with a Thought Leader (dependent on the audience)



What’s Your Story?

  • Selling Yourself: Creating an impactful Bio


Your Online Profile

  • Social Media: reaching your audience and/or customers

  • How to get the right people interested in what you have to offer

  • Engaging the online community and growing your network


Building an audience:

  • Presentation by social media guru Hayley Hilton



Managing Self-doubt

  • Addressing perceived limitations and internal dialogue

  • Learning to tap into your intuition

  • How to empower yourself and others

  • Ramp up your Public Speaking


Moving from Being to Doing

  • Putting together your Action Plan

  • Setting up accountability to keep you on track

  • Self-motivation - how to sustain your commitment 


Storytime with a successful entrepreneur (dependent on the audience)

With this series you also get:


  • One FREE Private Coaching Session

  • Membership to the Get Unstuck Facebook Group to continue your networking, share ideas, get support in the months following the end of the series.

All sessions will include a check in to celebrate successes, support participants with challenges, and create action steps to help thrust you forward towards your goal.

1-1 Coaching

Dependent on booking

Imagine approaching your career challenges from a place of empowerment, self-belief, and clear purpose.  

We’ve both personally been stuck in careers that didn’t feel right and sometimes were downright unbearable.  We know what it’s like to not want to go into the office and wonder how we landed up in a place we didn’t want to spend any time.

Book a one on one sessions with either of us and get started towards your journey to career fulfillment.


Both coaches were quite open and skillful at interpreting and analyzing our situation – both patient and easy to open up to. The workshop gave me reassurance with a long action plan list that will be extremely helpful.


Valerie and Dina ran this very effective workshop that in less than 90 minutes helped me to get back on track with my intentions and gave me back the drive, energy and motivation to pursue my ambitions.


Today's workshop allowed me to reframe my priorities, and leave with actionable next steps. But more than anything: it got me unstuck. I am clear again on what my goal is and what I need to do to make it happen! 



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