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Leadership Skill Building Bootcamp
A 4-Part Workshop Series

Become a better leader. Start with leading yourself.

Every Monday and Wednesday, for 2 weeks.

What to expect in the 4-Part Leadership Bootcamp

Outlining and clarifying your leadership goals

Workshop 1

Understanding the way our minds work, using the brain’s mindset in setting and achieving your long term goals.

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Introducing the framework of Emotional Intelligence - part 1

Workshop 2

How to build Self-awareness and Social Awareness

Introducing the framework of Emotional Intelligence - part 2

Workshop 3

How to build Self-management and Relationship Management

Team Meeting

Committing to your action plan and creating accountability

Workshop 4

Re-setting your long term goals and developing your action plan

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Benefits of our program:

What people say

“Both Val and Dina were quite open and skillful at interpreting and analyzing our situation – both patient and easy to open up to.  The workshop gave me reassurance with a long action plan list that will be extremely helpful.”


“Great facilitators – Dina and Valerie work very well together – very patient, inviting, analytical, and heart-warming.  Keep doing what you’re doing!”


“Everything was immensely informative! Great insight into the minds of hiring professionals and great tips for how to best sell yourself and how to conduct yourself during interviews.” 


“They were honestly both so professional and knowledgeable.  Their presentation skills were amazing.  I enjoyed the one-on-one coaching sessions where we dug deeper into our reasons for coming to the workshop.  It worked because it helped me identify what I need to change in my work situation.  The workshop helped me to align my values with my goals and have actions in place to help me achieve my goals.”