ICW 2020



If you are thinking about changing careers, are an entrepreneur, are yearning to achieve something but lack the confidence to take the first step, or you’re simply curious about how coaching helps people to move forward toward their goals, this workshop is for you.


There are things you can do today that will set you up for success in the future.  It’s important to keep the momentum going, learn and grow, build your community, and identify small goals that you can achieve that might place you closer to your dream job or goal sooner.


In this virtual workshop, work with professional coaches to identify ways to increase your visibility, build relationships, fine-tune your business proposal, understand opportunities in the marketplace or construct a plan B while connecting with others at a time when many of you are feeling isolated and unable to network.


Being successful, especially with the challenges in today’s market, involves courage, hard work, and accountability—to yourself, investors, family, team members. Don’t face these challenges on your own.