5 Steps to Writing an Eye Catching “About” Section on LinkedIn

The “About” Section on LinkedIn is your opportunity to show your personality and engage recruiters with your unique story. It’s less about what you’ve done and more about WHO YOU ARE. If you want to be a leader within your space, you need to first know and own your story. It’s not just about listing your accomplishments and achievements and making yourself look good, it’s about humanizing yourself so that people can connect with you.

AND, it might be the difference between having someone read your list of accomplishments and actually reaching out to you for an interview.

The “About” section is really your BIO. It’s a tool that can be used to market yourself in an authentic way, a way to highlight your strengths, cover significant points about who you are and how your unique experience makes you perfect for the job.

So what goes into it?

1. What do you currently do, or what have you done? Here you want to list out your accomplishments. Not so much the tasks or the day to day, but what you’ve achieved, what was the impact of you doing what you do or have done?

2. What external validation do you have? Do you have any awards, certifications, or even recommendations or referrals? Have them on hand to include when appropriate.

3. What’s something unique about you? We’re all human, but we’re also all unique. Maybe it’s your sense of humour or that you speak 4 languages, include all the things you feel will amplify your message. We’re talking about your personality, don’t be afraid to include it in your own words.

4. What are the things you do better than anyone else? It could be a technical skill like development or design, but it could also be your project management or creativity that has had a big impact. Or even your people skills, maybe you’re able to influence and lead people towards a similar goal.

5. What’s important to you? In other words, what are your values? It may help to complete these sentences, to get an idea of what you care about when it comes to your work and career:

  • The main thing I want from a career is _________________________________________

  • I respect workers who ______________________________________________________

  • I expect my superiors to _____________________________________________________

  • I would like to earn enough money to __________________________________________

  • The thing I look most forward to about working is ________________________________

6. Lastly, what’s a pivotal moment in your life and what are the key learnings from that experience? It can be a unique life lesson you’ve learned through your experiences, something that you can share with others. Was there an “AHA” moment or key learning from your experience that allowed you to pivot to your calling or make different choices?

Once you’ve answered all of these questions, you can combine them into one story. Shoot for 3 brief paragraphs and remember to add language that reflects your style of communication. You don’t have to include all these details in every place you’ll use your bio, but it’s good to answer all the questions to have the details on hand - especially when speaking with someone, like in an interview for example.

Most importantly, the exercise in itself can build your confidence. As you look back on where you’ve been and what you’ve done, you’ll be able to pinpoint all the strengths that helped you get where you are today.

And the best part is we've prepared a worksheet to help you write your Bio.

Click Here for the Selling Yourself, Writing Your Bio Worksheet!

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