Get Unstuck Workshops: Now Online

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Like many of us by now, my coach partner Valerie and I have been overwhelmed by the current global state, all of the information and the overflow of notifications we receive throughout the day from the media and family and friends from all over. It’s been a constant reminder for us of our fortunate positions, where we live, that we’re able to self-isolate with our families and work from home, that we’re able to afford and feel safe enough to do so, and for so many other reasons. We’re also feeling thankful for all the different workers on the frontlines, and the technology that allows us to stay connected with family all over the world.

It can be easy to feel paralyzed by what’s happening and feel like everything needs to be put on hold. The future has never felt so unknown as it seems to be now, but we know that our perspectives shape our reality and when they’re keeping us stuck in the same place, it’s time to make a shift. We can focus on what we do know, the only thing that we have control over (and that we ever have control over, pandemic or not) is how we choose to be and what we choose to do.

As coaches, we know that we can’t stay idle at this time, that we’re going to have an impact on whether or not we do anything. So we’ve been at work to get our Get Unstuck Career Workshops up to date with the current situation to cater to our usual audiences: small business owners, people looking for more meaningful and fulfilling work, job seekers looking into new industries and the growing number of unemployed. In the next few weeks, our workshops will be held online in the form of weekly webinars where we’ll be covering a range of topics from managing sudden changes in the environment to building an action plan for the upcoming months.

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