Getting Your Profile Perfect

Have you been on LinkedIn for a while and you’re still not getting traction or attention from recruiters and future employers? You may want to take a look at yourself, literally. Well, at least take a look at what the world is seeing on your profile. Remember what your parents/grandparents/mentor told you about first impressions? They we right! Make this one count!

1. Let's start with your Picture: make it professional. Head and shoulders with an inviting smile. You should be dressed appropriately for the job you’re seeking, with a light grey or white background. This is what you want to shoot for:

And PLEASE be mindful of the background. Obviously, there are some pretty bad examples of that on LinkedIn. Check these out!.....

2. Create a banner that shows your personality but that is professional or use the LinkedIn one as a default.

Dina and I love You can create a banner for free with their first tier of membership.

3. Your Headline is Your Brand, make sure it's marketing you the right way: your name and your headline are the only things a LinkedIn user will see when s/he conducts a search on the LinkedIn database and your profile comes up as one of the search returns.

Make sure your description of yourself has as many key search words as possible and that it says not only what you do, but what you’re good at and what you’re passionate about. Recruiters already know what a person with the job title "Marketing Manager" or a "Product Development Coordinator" or any other job title does. So, if you're only putting your title there, you're selling yourself short.'re not selling yourself at all, actually.

"Marketing Specialist - Branding | Delivering ROI-driven Strategies with strong Branding Expertise" tells your future employer what you bring to the table.

Or this one:

"Results Driven, Innovative Human Resources Leader Skilled at Motivating Staff to Perform at Peak Levels"

Both show pride in their abilities and confidence in themselves as professionals.

4. Make sure that under each job you list in the Experience area that you’re using the bullet points you’ve already created for your resume under each job section. And if you've done that well, the bullet points will be less of a list of tasks and more achievements--with quantifiable results wherever possible. Remember.....a potential employer might be deciding to have a conversation with you based on your LinkedIn profile alone.

5. Spice it up: Here are some ways to not only make your profile interesting but also compelling.

  • Ask for Endorsements and Recommendations from people that you’ve worked with which will give you credibility. Don't be shy....get started now. It might take people a few days to respond. When they do, remember it's always polite to endorse them back in an area in which you feel they excel, or write them a recommendation if they gave you one. With this in mind you may want to limit your requests to people you really respect.

  • Add PowerPoint presentations you are proud of.

  • Add a video of you speaking to a group or a video showing work you've done

By the way, when you post videos into your status update area, as opposed to written articles, you will get you 10 times more views on your profile

When you feel ready....drumroll please....

6. Open to Job Opportunities Feature!

Open to Job Ops feature lets recruiters know that you are available for job opps.

  • Click the OPEN TO button beneath your profile photo. Click Open to Work, and then Looking for job opportunities, Provide the requested information in the pop-up window that appears. You can choose what job title you’re looking for, the country or city, whether you’re looking for full time work, part time, work or even an internship.

  • You can also choose whether all LinkedIn members or only recruiters can see that you’re open to job opportunities. This is important if you don't want to let the company you're currently working for know that you are looking around. Click Add to Profile.

The more you interact with LinkedIn the more the algorithms get to know you and can start proposing you jobs that are the right fit for you. Go to the JOBS section (Click on JOBS on the LinkedIn toolbar). Fill in the filters for title of job you want, location, part time/full time, etc. After you've done a search, make sure you slide the Job Alert Button to the right.

You'll get an alert by text or email every time a job with your criteria comes available.

As I always say, no time like the present! Get started today!

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