How Did You Start Your Journey?

How did you end up here?

That’s one of my favorite questions to ask people, it’s fascinating to hear all the different journeys, the ups and downs, and the choices people make that can sometimes change the course of their lives and careers.

If you’ve ever thought of ending up somewhere other than where you are right now, how can coaching be part of your journey?

Sometimes we get clients who show up eager to get started on their coaching. They start by telling us a story, where they’re at right now, the details of their current situation, and then when they’re done they ask “so what do you think I should do?” But if they want advice on how to do something then they're better off hiring a consultant, they would probably do a much better job in outlining the exact steps they should take. And yes, we do give advice if we’re specifically asked and if we may have had a similar experience but the point is that giving advice isn’t exactly a coaching tool.

It’s a similar story we encounter in some of our clients who come to us looking for advice on what their next steps should be. Actually, it’s our job as coaches to show them how to answer that question on their own. And there are many different entry points into the journey a person takes towards fulfillment.

Sometimes it’s one realization that leads to the bigger picture, and other times it’s a combination of them. For some, it’s the realization that their vision and where they’re going isn’t so clear yet, or they don’t know why this is so important to them that they’ve made it a priority.

For some, it’s the realization that although they may be confident in what they’ve already accomplished, just going through all the different aspects of what they’d been working on, the amount of work they’ve been able to create, all while taking care of themselves or their families. Just the acknowledgment of the volume of it all, makes them notice how much they’re actually capable of. And their confidence to do something even bigger grows.

And for others, it’s only once the vision is clear and the self-conviction is there that they can then make a commitment to getting there. That they can now lay down the action plan of what they’re going to do.

What we find out at the end of the day and what clients find for themselves is that they know what they want, how to get there, and the exact steps they need to take right after our workshop. They just needed a little help to get to that point.

That’s how a full-time mom built and now leads a women’s community with thousands of members, empowering them to become their own leaders.

That’s how a corporate director launched her own home-business to share her passion and creativity with others.

That’s how coaching helps these people find and use their own voices to create a positive impact on their own families, friends, and communities. That’s how coaching became part of their journeys, and maybe it can be a part of yours too.

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