Just One Person

I remember the first time Val and I hosted a workshop. It was a full day workshop and we'd been working on the material for months prior and felt quite confident about what we were able to deliver to the attendees. What we weren't so confident about though was the hard fact that even though we'd also put a lot of work into promoting our workshop, gotten in touch with our network, used all the resources and social media tools we had at our disposal, that maybe nobody would sign up or show up. As the weeks and then days grew close to our first workshop and with no sign-ups yet, this fear of nobody showing up started to weigh heavily on us and it became difficult to shake this feeling.

Then our first client signed up. So now we had 1 person but no-one else. We kept waiting for others to sign up but days went by and nothing happened. So now we had a decision to make, do we go ahead and deliver a full-day workshop to 1 participant or do we give them the option to postpone for a later date, to give us more time to gather other participants. We knew that our workshop would help this 1 sign up get unstuck and they obviously signed up for a reason, something called them to spend their time and resources on us. Discussing it from the participant's point of view, we knew we had to go on even if it was just 1 person. And that's how one of our sort of mottos was born, that even if it's just for 1 person or even if just 1 person gets value that helps them get unstuck from where they are now, then we've done our job.

We ended up having 6 people sign up and show up to our first workshop and hopefully, they all walked away with some value that they could use in their lives, so it didn't end up being just for one person. But it's been an anchoring statement for us throughout the last few years working together and building more workshops, programs, and material. And one that keeps us grounded in why we're doing what we're doing, for the clients, the participants, and the possible impact they can have on their lives and others if they can just get unstuck. So now, every-time we get together to develop something new or to host the next workshop session, we remind ourselves that it's just for that one person and then we can be intentional about what we want to be, say, and we ourselves can get unstuck.

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