For Individuals

1-1 Coaching

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Online Courses

We’ve just launched our first online course for job seekers and people that want to develop their career.  How can becoming a better leader  help you find a job you love?  We’ll show you how! Our step-by-step approach to cultivating Emotionally Intelligent behaviors--the qualities most in demand in organizations--is a literal springboard to professional success.   This course includes an hour's worth of video content and multiple worksheets to help you put all the learnings into practice and Get Unstuck quicker!


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For Organizations

Bespoke Coaching Program

Your KPI’s in the next years are dependent on ALL members of your staff stepping up as leaders.  Team Coaching supports the paradigm shift to collective intelligence, team alignment towards goals, supporting teams through change process, as well as managing team toxins and conflicts. The outcome of the team coaching process stimulates inspiration, positivity, innovation, collaboration and trust. 

After an initial discussion with stakeholders, our coaching programs are customized to fit the requirements and objectives of the organization.


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For Individuals

For Universities

We offer schools tailor-made Career Development workshops that can stand alone or be given as a 4-Part Series.  Seniors and Alumni learn how to amp up their online presence to reach recruiters and hiring managers, sell themselves effectively in an interview, and develop successful leadership behaviors that will help them thrive in the workplace.

1-1 Coaching

Universities can offer private, 1-1 coaching sessions with us for a select number of students.​

Bespoke Workshops

Customized workshops or a series of workshops held for the school students to help them navigate their career journeys.

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Free Resources

Our number one goal is to provide value in everything we do, so our website had to include resources for everyone that can benefit.


Worksheets to get you unstuck by thinking through your current situation, offering you a different perspective or some clarity, and help you craft action plans that will get you closer to your career goals.


Ever been curious to know how coaching can help you advance towards the career you want? This 90-minute webinar will give you a taster, an idea of what it’s like to attend one of our live workshops. Our online webinars give attendees the launch pad they need to get them out of their comfort zone and move them towards building a future that feels exciting.