Career Development

Workshops for Universities

Make an investment in your graduating seniors and alumni and give them the launchpad they need to rock the professional world after college.  In today's challenging job market, the Get Unstuck Career Development workshops can make all the difference and set students up to target and land a job they love.

Our stand alone or 4-Part Series workshops teach not only how to find a job once they graduate but how to tune up their leadership behaviors and thrive in the workplace.

All our workshops provide insightful information & live group coaching and participants walk away with concrete steps and action plans to get them moving! Some past workshop themes include:

Build Your Career Roadmap by Defining Your Life Purpose and Vision 

Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp

Selling Yourself: Online and In-Person

Create an Online Profile that Jumps Out and Gets Noticed by the Right People

Confidence is Not a Personality Trait, it's Something You Can Develop

Strengths: Identifying, Understanding, & Using Them to Create Career Success

The Keys to Developing a Growth Mindset

Cultivating the Right Mindset for Personal and Professional Success

Overcoming Fear and Failure 

All of our university programs are a combination of workshops, worksheets, and live coaching.

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“I loved how they connected their story to the different tips they shared. I think it helped me have a better understanding about resumes and LinkedIn!”

“Everything was immensely informative! Great insight into the minds of hiring professionals and great tips for how to best sell yourself and how to conduct yourself during interviews.”

"There was a lot of useful info that I could take away with me and will apply to me even after I graduate college."

“I appreciated some of the personal antidotes because it showed how the information we were learning was actually applied.”

“I heard strategic advice that I've never received before. It was engaging and concise.”

"I found the information useful because I just started applying to jobs and the information made me really think about how I present myself to employers."



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